Our Mission:

To inspire and enable all youth, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Why Great Futures Start Here:
For more than six decades, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston has been the region's leading youth-development organization, achieving an enviable record of creatively engaging, educating and empowering a large number of low-income young people in ways that positively impact their lives and improve their chances of achieving and sustaining academic and economic success.

Long renowned as "The Positive Place for Kids," the Clubs serve more than 10,000 children and teens ages 6 to 17 each year, many of whom have few other positive relationships or dependable resources in their lives. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston provides these youth a safe haven in the midst of chaotic, dangerous neighborhoods and family contexts and delivers high-quality programming that builds character; enhances academic performance; improves physical health and fitness; expands life skills; develops leadership potential; promotes civic engagement; and equips youth for pursuing rigorous postsecondary educational opportunities and productive careers.

A private, nonprofit organization, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston improves young lives as well as the communities that surround and support us.  The organization relies on private, corporate, individual and United Way funding to fill the gap between membership dues ($5.00 per child per year) and operational expenses.




Poppie Simmons


“The Club means that I have a family other than one I was born into. It gives me a sense of peace and security, which can’t be found anywhere else in my life. The Club has fed me–literally–as well as mentally and emotionally. Thank goodness I won’t be just another statistic.  I have a future to look forward to and it simply because great futures begin at the Club. “ – Poppie


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